Why Natural Soaps?

Your skin is your largest organ.

60% of the substances you put on your skin are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Take a moment and read the labels.

Mass-produced commercial  soaps  contain a lot of harmful chemicals that  can disrupt hormones, aggravate or promote allergies,cause reproductive issues and increase risks of some cancers.

These chemicals consist of 4 main culprits – Fragrance, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan,

(Fragrance – Regular exposure can affect the central nervous system, trigger allergies, migraines and asthma symptoms
Parabens – Decreases muscle mass; increases fat deposits; cause early onset of puberty; spurs reproductive difficulties in both male and female
Sulphates – Used to produce lather and bubbles in soap – is an irritant to most people with skin conditions like eczema and psoriarsis
Triclosan – Promotes bacterial growth resistant to anti-biotic cleansers)


How our Natural soaps are made?

We make our natural soaps using the hot-process method.

(the main reason why the soaps look rustic – not clean-cut)

We only make very small batches.

All of our soaps contain unrefined Shea butter.

No artificial fragrance is used in any of the soaps.

No harmful chemicals are used in the process.

 Here are some other useful information about some of the ingredients used in our natural  soaps.

Tea Tree with Vetiver &  Frankincense

Tea Tree Oil – Anti-microbial

Vetiver Essential Oil has healing properties that help eliminate scars.

Pink Clay, with its silica, iron and mineral contents, is a gentle clay that is calming and moisturising to skin.

 Bamboo Charcoal with Mint

Bamboo Charcoal has impurities absorbing properties which dig dirt from pores without being absorbed itself.

The menthol properties of peppermint essential oil can help ’de-slick’ oily skin surface while its anti-bacterial properties can help with acne. 


Calendula has anti-inflammatory and natural restorative properties that may add glow to skin


Patchouli Essential Oil has disinfecting and cleansing properties.

Lemon Essential Oil is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants that are helpful to skin.

Green clay is known to possess absorbent and revitalising properties.


*Natural soaps are made using raw materials obtained from nature. Sometimes, we get  material that may be slightly different in texture or colour. We have not seen any difference in quality though.

Going natural is a good thing for your skin in the long run.