Forest Friday’s products

Forest Friday’s products are made from nature’s gifts.

Forest Friday’s products contain NO animal by-products, harsh chemicals or parabens.

We  use beneficial oils, clays, bamboo charcoal, dried flower petals, healing root powders and therapeutic essential oils apart from unrefined and refined Shea and Cocoa butters.

The  scent from our products  come from  therapeutic essential oils, not from artificial fragrances.

We use natural preservatives like Rosemary Oil, Lavender, Grape seed extract or Eucalyptus, for instances, to maintain the freshness in our soaps.

We also use unrefined Cocoa and Shea butter as in the unrefined state, they have the most nutritive value to skin.


The very real health risks of harsh chemicals in cosmetics

Little needs to be added to the literature available today on the health risks associated with the use of cosmetic products containing parabens, sulphates and aluminium.

A startling one is the fact that SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and other harsh chemicals in  commercially made skincare products take only 26 seconds to reach the major organs in our bodies and have been linked to tumours and toxicity.

These chemicals are often used in commercially made skincare and body products for shine, for preservation,for aroma and for hardening purposes.

Aluminium (especially in commercially made deodorants) has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease– among other nasty health concerns. 


Forest Friday’s mission

Forest Friday aims to create products that are completely free of any harsh chemicals and are gentle yet effective enough for every cross section of society – including folks of all ages, Vegans and Muslims.